TotalJoist Advantage

First coming on the scene in the 1950s, cold-formed steel flooring has become an industry-standard building material, prized for its ease of use, cost-effectiveness, reliability, and resistance to fire.

Most companies bend cold-formed steel into C-shapes for construction. While the C-shape is strong, I-shaped components are stronger. After investing years in developing the technology to make I-shaped components, we then added connectors and for some systems, Dovetail deck, which turns the individual construction components into a simple, strong system.

Today, TotalJoist holds exclusive patents (in North America and internationally) for this groundbreaking construction technology. It has made us an industry leader in many countries around the world.

While our systems offer many advantages for building, our involvement with our customers goes well beyond the manufacture and supply of steel framing systems.

High Quality Building Systems

Our steel joists and flooring components are manufactured to tight tolerances in a quality-controlled environment. Our proprietary, easy-to-install systems allow you to reduce labour costs, build faster and produce a higher quality structure with more certainty around the total cost of the superstructure.

Outstanding Project Support

We offer our customers a full-service approach that ensures their project’s success. From project pricing, to engineering and manufacturing, to installation, we work with you at every stage of the project.

Better Experience on Site

Our systems are designed and delivered to site at the required lengths and quantities specific to each job. This makes for a cleaner construction site and less waste material to dispose of.


Integrated Components

We work closely with other suppliers to ensure that our system integrates well with other components such as mechanical, electrical and plumbing. With pre-punched service holes, our systems allow other trades to work more efficiently.


Deep Industry Knowledge

With our team’s depth of experience in construction, we draw on our understanding of the building process to deliver a successful project. We continually innovate new flooring systems that provide solutions for construction challenges.


Green Building

We purchase steel from suppliers that produce steel using recycled content. With over 100-year life expectancy, our steel joists are a sustainable building material that will stand the test of time. TotalJoist joists are reusable, reclaimable, and recyclable.

Working with Us

Much more than just a supplier, we work with our customers from the early stages of their project, right through to supporting on-site construction.

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