Build Your Dream Custom Home With Cold-Formed Steel

This is an exciting time – your dream home is finally within reach! 

Choosing lumber is the “go-to” option, but there has never been a better time to build your custom home using a cold-formed steel flooring system to ensure your home will be strong, sustainable and long-lasting.

TotalJoist and ICF A Match Made in Contractor Heaven - iSPAN

The advantages of a cold-formed steel floor system make it a no-brainer for custom home builders and homeowners who are seeking innovative solutions that will make a major difference in their upcoming build.

What is Cold-Formed Steel?

Cold-formed steel is made by bending light-gauge steel into various shapes and sizes. Here at Bailey Metal Products, cold-formed steel is made into floor joists and decking. 

Cold-formed steel is used in the construction of everything from condominiums and hotels to industrial mezzanines and retail stores.

Why Choose Cold-Formed Steel for New Custom Home Construction?

Cold-formed steel flooring systems are gaining popularity throughout North America’s construction industry for several important reasons. Let’s take a deeper look into why contractors, developers, builders and custom homeowners are seeking steel:

Design Flexibility

We are one of North America’s leading manufacturers of versatile cold-formed steel building products. From the sales and estimating process to design and engineering, our team will work directly with architects to ensure you are getting the most out of our system. 

We will help you to understand the features and benefits of our systems – TotalJoist and Composite TotalJoist – to help you build stronger, faster and better than you ever thought possible. 

Did you know a single joist can span up to 30% longer than engineered lumber? This will give your home larger open spaces. 

And did you also know that in many cases, the design of our flooring systems can cut days – and even weeks – off of a construction schedule?

Steel Joist Installation - ICF House - Ancaster, ON

Easier to Install

Our proprietary cold-formed steel joists and decking materials are lightweight and easier to install than wood products:

  • Our in-house project managers and designers work directly with your team to create a plan that meets your needs. 
  • Each component is cut to its specific length in factory-controlled settings.
  • Just-in-time delivery ensures that there is little long-term onsite storage.
  • Materials arrive at your job site labelled and in the correct order.
  • Joists are lightweight and often only need two crew members for installation.
  • Only basic tools and materials are required to install the joists and decking.
  • Joists include adjustable end connectors to allow for minor variations with the wall or bearing placement.
  • Large pre-punched service holes in joists allow for HVAC and other utility services. This also limits the number of bulkheads resulting in a more open and clean design.
  • In the case of our Composite TotalJoist, stay-in-place formwork allows easier concrete floor installation and faster entry for other trades.
Custom Home Lake Travis, Texas

High-quality Floor

Each joist is designed for its specific location on the project. In the case of our Composite TotalJoist flooring system with a concrete topping, our acoustic ratings are 60% higher than precast and over 34% higher than wood and gypcrete with reduced sound flanking.

Your home design is even reviewed to ensure optimal vibration control and high acoustic ratings.

In-Floor Heating With Cold-Formed Steel

Many of today’s custom homes are built with in-floor heating systems, a safe and comfortable way to add luxury to a home. Also known as radiant floor heating, in-floor heating involves installing pipes/tubing or electric heating elements beneath the poured flooring material.

Our Composite TotalJoist system allows for simplified installation of the radiant heating, and eliminates the need for an over-pour or an extra step. The 3” concrete topping is enough room to contain the radiant heating in the slab.

A Match Made in Oregon - Insulated Concrete Forms and a Concrete Flooring System - iSPAN Systems 2

Easy Integration with ICF

Building with Insulated concrete forms (ICF) is a great step to ensuring a new home is strong and efficient. Paired with either of our cold-formed steel flooring systems, a home can be built to be better than homeowners ever thought possible.

Although ICF walls are built of concrete, our joists can easily integrate with ICF by using specialized steel ledger tracks and joist end connectors using. Take a look at some of our more-common designs here:

Safe at Home with Cold-Formed Steel - iSPAN Systems 01

Where to Learn More About Cold-formed Steel Floors in Custom Homes

Building your home with cold-formed steel products has its advantages. Wherever you are building in North America, reach out to the experts of steel floors. 

Along with our superior products, we offer a wide range of value-added services, including design services, project management and installation support. Request a no-obligation quote right now!


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