How to Engineer Better: Choose This Cold-Formed Steel Flooring System

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AC Hotel by Marriott, Dublin, Ohio

When it comes to engineering hotels that guests and owners love, architects and engineers need solutions that have it all: durability, efficiency and versatility.

Enter TotalJoist by Bailey Metal Products Limited, North America’s #1 choice for cold-formed steel flooring systems. Using cutting-edge technology and design expertise, we offer engineers all of the benefits that address their unique challenges.

A Solid Foundation: Unveiling the Power of Cold-Formed Steel

At the heart of every successful hotel project lays a strong foundation. Often, this strength comes from the type of materials used.

Our advanced flooring systems, including TotalJoist and Composite TotalJoist, provide superior alternatives to traditional construction materials, like wood or precast.

TotalJoist’s cold-formed steel offers it all:

  • exceptional strength-to-weight ratios;
  • vibration control; and
  • load-bearing capabilities.

Engineers can trust that their clients’ hotels will stand the test of time, ensuring guest safety and long-term reliability.

Marriot Hotel Kanata, ON - TotalFraming & Composite TotalJoist Project

Design Flexibility: Tailoring Spaces to Perfection

Our cold-formed steel flooring solutions empower engineers to unleash their creativity and transform hotel spaces into havens of comfort and luxury.

Each joist has large pre-punched service holes, allowing follow-up trades to quickly and easily complete their work. Combined with Composite TotalJoist’s stay-in-place formwork, developers will achieve an ROI faster than ever before.

Lightweight cold-formed steel allows for wider spans and greater open spaces, enabling architects to craft breathtaking lobbies, large ballrooms and meeting areas that leave a lasting impression on guests.

Making Construction Processes Even More Efficient

In the ever-changing world of hotel construction, time is of the essence. Cold-formed steel flooring systems expedite the building process by offering easy installation and reduced construction timelines.

Engineered with precision, these systems arrive at the jobsite ready for installation, minimizing on-site labour and accelerating project completion. Engineers can rest assured that deadlines will be met while increasing quality.

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Sustainability is Key for Modern Hotels

Modern hotel designs must be committed to environmental sustainability. Cold-formed steel boasts recyclable materials and reduced onsite waste generation. By choosing our flooring solutions, engineers contribute to LEED certification and reinforce their dedication to a greener future.

Ensuring Restful Sleep with Superior Acoustics

Cold-formed steel flooring systems excel in sound control and acoustic performance, creating comfortable spaces. We help to minimize the #1 reason for complaints of multi-family living – noise! Composite TotalJoist has 60% higher ratings than precast and over 34% higher ratings than wood and gypcrete.

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We Collaborate with Engineers and Architects

Our team of experts is committed to supporting engineers and architects throughout every step of the design process, from initial concepts to project completion.

With our team’s guidance and state-of-the-art solutions, engineers can navigate challenges and achieve extraordinary results.

Engineers Need to Crate the Hotels of Tomorrow

The future is shaped by innovation, efficiency and sustainability. Our cold-formed steel flooring systems offer engineers the gateway to designing exceptional hotels that stand as a testament to their skill and vision.

We empower engineers to create remarkable spaces that redefine the hospitality landscape. Discover the power of cold-formed steel and partner with TotalJoist – learn more about benefits for hotel engineers and request an introduction to our project management team right now!


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