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TotalJoist teamed up with our authorized dealer Dahmer Construction Services to provide our TotalJoist floor system for this 272,600-square-foot five-storey project. This is TotalJoist’s largest TotalJoist project with over 10,000 TotalJoists and TotalDeck!

Our customer chose the TotalJoist system for its non-combustible properties, ease of construction and large pre-punched service holes. The 16” TotalJoists allow for the HVAC and mechanical to be contained in the ceiling cavity, reducing and eliminating the need for bulkheads. Smaller 9.5”-deep TotalJoists were used in the corridor to allow for the larger HVAC returns and plumbing. 

Steel ledger track and joist hangers were also used for the connection to the cold-formed-steel walls.

Drone photography courtesy of Drone & Film Studios.
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Dahmer Construction Services


Luke Draily Construction


Rosemann & Associates


McClure Engineering Co.

Product Used

TotalJoist and TotalDeck

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