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A superior concrete flooring system.

Composite TotalJoist dramatically increases design and building options while also delivering a durable, high quality flooring system. Given the quick and easy installation of Composite TotalJoist, owners and developers can compress their construction schedule to start generating a return on their investment faster.

With stay-in-place formwork, Composite TotalJoist combines the benefits of our TotalJoist system with Total-Lewis-Deck and concrete, to create a premium concrete floor system that is stable and feels solid.

TotalJoist is our patented steel floor joist. Total-Lewis-Deck is a dovetail shaped deck with embossed ribs. It forms a very strong, permanent bond with the concrete poured onto it, and acts as reinforcement for the slab.

Ideal for mid-rise construction, Composite TotalJoist is great for all support conditions including block, ICF, cold-formed steel, wood and structural steel.

Wood Framing

Steel Framing



Key Benefits


Vibration control

Every flooring system is reviewed with our proprietary design method to ensure great feeling floors.


High acoustic ratings

Helps minimize the #1 reason for complaints of multi-family living – noise. 60% higher ratings than precast and over 34% higher ratings than wood and gypcrete with reduced sound flanking.


High fire ratings

Made with non-combustible materials. 2 hr UL/ULC rating with only one layer of drywall.


No shoring or temporary formwork required

Pre-cambered joists eliminate the need for shoring during concrete topping pour. Steel decking as stay-in-place formwork reduces the schedule by eliminating the need to place and tear down formwork.


Ease of installation

Pre-engineered components can be installed quickly and easily without the need for specialized trades.


Accommodates flooring systems

Allows for polished concrete and in-floor heating systems. Total-Lewis-Deck naturally drives heat upward for in-floor applications, increasing efficiency of your heating system.

Eliminates bulkheads

Removing unsightly and costly bulkheads creates a more modern and spacious feeing interior.

Lightweight and durable

Made from lightweight steel, our system is 50% less weight than precast with a 100-year+ life expectancy. Offers superior structural integrity in all environments.

Pre-cut service holes

Large, pre-cut access holes allow trades (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) to run services easily.

No wire mesh required when fibre mesh used

Eliminate the labour and safety concerns of welded wire mesh by incorporating macro synthetic fibres into the concrete. No other reinforcing is required.

Available in multiple depths

Composite TotalJoist is available in 8 inch to 18 inch depth

Composite TotalJoist

A Superior Concrete Flooring System

Installing Composite TotalJoist

See how quick and easy it is to install our Composite TotalJoist system.

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From span tables to technical notes about the environmental impact of the TotalJoist building system.
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  • Composite TotalJoist
  • Total-Lewis-Deck
  • 1 layer of 5/8” Drywall
  • With or Without Insulation
  • With or Without Drop Ceiling
UL/ULC Rating:
UL G555
ULC I525


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